English Parliament
By Chris Collins

We travel the London streets
Ice cream vendors
Buckingham palace
Canadian Fair day
Nothings seems to grab me.

Except the protests in front of Parliament.

For eight years
He sat, slept, and stood outside the walls
Protesting the wars and atrocities committed by his government.
With each passing month
More and more bodies secured the borders of the park
Surrounded by revolutionary statues
Of Abraham Lincoln
And Nelson Mandela.
More and more bodies came out to fight the injustices done in their name.

“Not long to go!”

A motorcyclist pedals by
Laughing at his own smug contempt.
Parliament has passed a law forbidding the people from protest
They will be removed in thirty days.
The campground is a reminder of the many ways
We must fight back.
The many ways they will attack
In order to secure submission. 
And yet the people fight on
Knowing the limitations of their actions.
The world comes to gaze at the government
And walks away with knowledge of their crimes.  

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