Kings Cross Crossroads.

By Chris Collins

Kings Cross
a cross roads
between Barbados and Nigeria.
A negation of black bodies
in white space
seeping onto the blank pages
of British Summer Time

I am six hours back
pushing my body forward
flipping and tumbling through head space
and heart space
select memory memorializing Europe’s great Queen
in the face of racial tensions
tying together Jamaicans and Africans
in Metroline battles
bricolaging across cross streets
criss-crossing Christopher
and calling cattle brands
in Barbados to remove their names

Staring at the slave owners painted pictures of self
I buy the mythical narrative for just long enough
to forget my history
haunted in the ground.
A bag branding the act against my brown linen pants.
I will carry the privilege for five weeks
Till I can offload it on my mother
As a gift from the islands.
Flogging for the father’s deeds
The dignity I left behind in the thorns of the sweet tree.

Kings cross
A cross roads of character
And constipation
Backed up in my body
That I carry from island to island
Til I get to the mainland
The albatross hangs from my neck
Like a maple tree with human toes dangling toward the earth 
Swinging in European staccato.
The sticky stale sap of blood
Drops from eyelids and noses
Runs from the corners of mouths
And mourns in the dirt.

I must dig from my past
How to live in the present.
I must perform postcolonial plantation paralysis in plays
Punctuating the dilating of fear
The migrating there to here
So I can hear the hollar of history in my veins
So I can clean the historical stains
That are stamped out and scampered away from Texas history books.
Lets build the bridges across cross streets
Lets build banks of sand against the break of waves
From hurricanes the roll oceans
Of slave ships to the new land.
Lets send the ancestors home
By breaking our own bodily borders
Lets shake and shiver
Shadows that weight a ton  
Til we lighten the load for the future generation.
Lets generate the new futures
And feature ourselves as mementos
of change.

be the change you wish to be

until change becomes you.

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